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Luna Corporation LLC Skopje is a renown company in the field of construction, rich in creative ideas, based on innovative thinking, competence, and the spirit of partnership and transparency. It is composed of a team of professionals with long experience, who are entirely devoted to the company.

Our company creates modern, stylish and luxurious residential and commercial buildings, located solely in the central area of the capital city.In the buildings which we construct, our clients can sense the difference between the best and the average. Our clients want and know how to enjoy space, dominated by luxury, flexibility and unique quality, as well as a distinctive architectural expression. Therefore, we can be proud that Luna Corporation is the choice of those with refined taste.

Our Gallery

Bonimi Exterior Look

Bonimi Appartment 1

Bonimi Appartment 2

Bonimi Appartment 3

Kozara Exterior Look

Kozara Appartments

Korner Outside

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